Ariadne Headband is a haptic navigation for blind people. It uses vibration headband for showing directions. You can control it by our Android application, which is available for free.

Our device uses several vibration motors placed around head. Navigation will trigger correct motors to guide your walk. (You can adjust vibration within our app.) Inside the headband is digital compass and gyroscope to calculate proper azimuth. Everything is connected to Arduino board.

We published project Ariadne under GPL license. You can make your own Ariadne Headband for free. If you are interested, visit our GitLab repository. Remember that work is still in progress.

GitLab Repository

We post various information about Ariadne Headband on our Hackaday Project. We currently have over 800 people following our updates. You can find there many photos from our testing and initial development story.

Ariadne will help blind people navigate through streets. It should not replace their alertness. They will still need to keep themselves on the pedestrian walks and obey traffic lights. We want to improve their ability to orient in vast spaces.

There already are other application that offer navigation for blind people. Our device differs because it does not requires you to hold phone inside your hand. Once you start navigation, you can put the phone in your pocket. Free hand is useful if you hold cane in your other hand.

If you have opinion about our project, or would like to try using it (only in Brno, Czechia), contact us on our email.